Jordan Hall performance receives favorable Boston Musical Intelligencer review

Virginia Newes for the Boston Musical Intelligencer gives a favorable review for Joseph Summer’s “The Tenor’s Suite”, excerpts from “Hamlet”, and Sonnet LX. Some highlights include:

“Writing in a clearly tonal language and unabashedly lyrical style, Summer slyly works in musical references to Strauss and Mahler, Baroque dance forms, and even Renaissance parody Mass.”

“Tenor Sumner Thompson was a powerful Enzo with a commanding vocal presence. Kathryn Guthrie, soprano, was suitably kittenish and vocally agile as the star- struck fan. Mr. Manteau, the aging composer, was sung by David Salsbery Fry, his resonant bass a match for Thompson’s tenor in their long confrontation. Finally, even the ardent pleading of Alan, sung with lilting assurance by tenor Neal Ferreira, failed to move the hardhearted protagonist.”

“Kathryn Guthrie showed an astonishing range of tone color, rising to eerie heights to describe Hamlet’s strangeness while hinting at her own madness, and descending to almost pitchless despair at the contemplation of her father’s death. David Salsbery Fry sang Polonius in suitably stentorian tones, while tenor Neal Ferreira was an equally uncomprehending Laertes. Ferreira gave a sensitive portrayal of Hamlet’s anger and confusion in Summer’s setting of the soliloquy “O! that this too too solid flesh would melt” (Act I, scene 2), ending in despair on limpid high notes. SangYoung Kim was the skillful accompanist in all three Hamlet excerpts.”

Click here to read the full review.

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